Monday, April 2, 2012

Dont buy until you can

Money complicates design choices, doesn't it?

We know what we want, but in the end if it doesn't match up to our budget, then we are in trouble.

We've only lived in this home for two and a half years but the progress, I think is pretty incredible.

But 2 years ago when summer came I wanted a patio set. Then I realized patio sets are expensive. Instead we bought a good grill. That was a smart choice, we use the grill all year round.

Last year I wanted a patio set too, but all we really could afford was the table with 4 chairs. I wanted to buy it, but deep down I knew I wanted the big rectangular table with the 6 chairs. So...we bought nothing. We ate our burgers in doors, and I promised myself this year would be the year.

This year is the year. And I am so excited. We all have very pale skin, so I knew what I wanted was a gazebo as well so we could hide from the sun. My husband also wanted a fire pit. I cant think of one reason why we shouldn't. I can tell that this will be good for our household.

This is the table and chairs we are getting. It has a really pretty rock tile thing in the center that you cant see well. Not like tile floor, but natural rock. It was $599 and on sale for $299, the guy said that they were going to sell out before the season, so they were "moving" them. I said at that price, I'll be happy to move one right now!
Anselmo Black 7-Piece Steel Dining Patio Set
We also want a gazebo and here are our 2 options. Both with pro's and cons. 

The first 10x10 $199 Home Depot. Love that it comes with nets, don't love the arrow detail. But it doesn't bother me that much, its not my personal style, but still very nice.
10 ft. x 10 ft. Arrow Gazebo
This is my preference. At 12x12 and $149 Ikea. Its both the cheapest and the biggest by a long shot. I love the detail on the deep brown shades, and the simplicity of the canopy. Drawback no netting. 
AMMERÖ Gazebo IKEA The fabric is water-resistant and provides excellent UV protection (min.  97. 5% of UV is blocked). Removable and washable fabric.

What I want to do is buy the ikea gazebo. Then buy outdoor fabric, and drapery hooks. I know I can make it look good, I'm just wondering the cost? And we were planning on going with another table and chairs that was $70 more. And the ikea gazebo is $50 less. So so far thats already $120 I could use towards the fabric.

Ps. I've seen both of these gazebos in real life, so my opinions are based on that not these pictures.

What would you do? 


  1. get the gazebo you like better.... you know you can add fabric and make it prettier! the other one with the arrows- well you can't change that part and would always be stuck with the arrows.

  2. Great new table! Wayne and I have been married for 20 years this coming May... and we finally bought "new" outdoor furniture at the end of last summer! Up till then we used garage sale finds and chairs I picked up off the curb. Love you new table and chairs... worth the wait!
    I say buy the gazebo you like best, then add what you need!
    dee dee

  3. Great deal on the table. I know they cost so much. We are still sporting the one we bought 14 years ago and I so desperately want a new one. But they are so darn expensive. I vote going with the Ikea gazebo.

  4. The table and the natureal environment is very nice............I like it very ......much.sell my house

  5. We have been through a few gazebos... Unless you only plan on putting it up when you have company & then taking it down- I find they are a waste. We lost one in a summer thunderstorm and another in a wind storm. Both were staked down and not a cheap one! We are saving to buy wood so my husband can build a permanent pergila (spelling?) that won't blow away!!

    I also LUST over patio furniture every summer. We have a table that was left here by the previous owners, but I so want one of the teak tables from Pottery Barn! I can't justify spending that much on a table we will only use 2 months out of the year though :(

  6. I would definitely get the gazebo that you like better, and make it the way you want it! All of us who follow your blog KNOW that you are amazing at that, and ultimately you will be happier with the choice that reflects your design style the most. I am so excited to see this all come together!

  7. I love your "don't buy until you can" advice! Jesse and I try to operate our house like that and it is so frustrating to know that it will be years before I can have certain things that I want, but it's smarter in the long run!

  8. I'm so excited for you! I can relate to holding off because the budget. You've waited so long....don't settle. Go with the Ikea gazebo and add fabric. I think you'll be able to create the exact look you're going for.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  9. I think for a cheap person like me, it's a hard lesson to remember. But wha you love, not what saves you the most money. But in this case it sounds like you could do both- buy the cheapest and get what you love. Win-win!
    Now I can't wait to see what you do with it!
    xoxo Becca

  10. Also, buying things at the end of the season is the way to go. I know, it's hard to throw down the $ when you know you won't really use it for another 9 months but it tends to be the absolute cheapest way to acquire new items. This is how we got our last patio table for $20.

  11. you could chop the arrows off the first one...

  12. i am actually trying to make the same decision -- between the same two gazebos! so i searched the web for ideas and found this post. funny coincidence, but seeing this makes me realize i'm going to get the ikea gazebo and add fabric. not sure how to do it or how much it will cost, but i know it's the right decision (i'm also not fond of the arrows, but it didn't bug me that much...).

    query: are you going to put the drapes on the inside or outside of the frame? one thing i like about the HD gazebo is being able to hang plants on the frame inside, but that would require the drapes to be on the outside. not sure there's a way to do it with the design. would love to know your thoughts. great blog, btw! kim (

  13. The table is very gorgeous.The natural environment is also wonderful.

  14. That frame is wonderful.Thanks for share this.


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