Friday, April 20, 2012

How to dress for success at home

Today we are going to talk about our wardrobes after baby...I haven't completely figured it out, but I wanted to share with you some things I think about when shopping.

1. Is this item comfortable enough to be a mom. (aka- pick a baby up, bend down, play on the floor, run if needed) I think about how it feels on my skin, if its pulling, if I can wear a normal bra. I also like the fabrics to be something that doesn't feel too dressy. I want to feel good doing my daily errands and not like I have a fancy party to attend later.

2. Is this item really cute and versatile. I need to love it in order to buy it. This goes with buying a rug or a dress. I like to think about the outfit and wear it might go. Can I rock this at a playdate? A BBQ? Target? Just hanging in my living room?

And that's literally it, maybe you thought it would be a long list? But its not.

My favorite items to buy this season

- Dresses. Its the no brainer outfit that takes 1 minute to throw on but always feels dressed up and cute. This dress actually looks like 2 piece but is not.

- Skirts- whether they are long or short, the important thing is comfort. I plan to mostly wear a tank or v neck with most skirts, maybe a scarf because that's also my go to item. I like to get colorful skirts so that my shirts are really easy to figure out, so I can do it quickly.

- Jewelery- I have bought so many cute necklaces this season because they dress up anything!! I'm a skinny jean, v-neck every day kind of gal.

But with a big chunky necklace and a boyfriend jacket, I go from plain to hip. Its OK to be hip as mommy's, I promise! I'm still young at 27 and I want to feel 27, I want to look cute and be a stay at home mom. Jewelry helps me make a statement, when really its like a no brainier to make an outfit pop.

Pyramid stretch bracelet


  1. You look great you have a special eye for both home decor and clothing. Your daughter looks adorable too! Thanks for the tips.

  2. You are just beautiful and truly have a fantastic style!
    dee dee


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