Monday, February 27, 2012

Starting a collection

I'm one of those people who see something and then I want it, like immediately.

When we moved to our first rented house before we were married we started buying furniture and accessories and filling the space.

I bought this cute light green shower curtain with white flowers on it, and then I bought green towels in what could only be described as geese poop green. Back then I didn't think about my purchases as much, I thought they matched, they were the only thing available, so I bought them.

We also had some hand me down towels from my parents that I somehow managed to get bleach all over. Needless to say my towel collection was just a hot mess.

Then my style evolved. Suddenly I realized that geese poop green towels were the last thing that I would ever want, ever. But going out and getting a whole new set of towels really wasn't in the budget. So I made a little mental note that someday soon, I would start replacing them.

I thought I wanted tan towels. I figured they were neutral enough. One day I bought two to try them out. After a couple months I realized, I didn't love the tan. Both my bathrooms were tan, so I thought it made sense, but I just didn't love them.

What I really wanted was all white towels.


I sure was glad I didn't buy a whole collection of tan towels on a whim.

Then we put our house on the market, and I thought what better time for some fresh white towels to hang on the towel bars. So I went to bed bath & beyond and I used some coupons and bought 4 white fluffy towels.

6 months later I knew that I loved them and wanted to replace all of the towels. I took my Christmas money, and my coupons and bought 7 more towels.  Then a couple months later I bought 4 more. We've removed all the old towels and now have just the white fluffy ones. I feel like I'm in a spa and I love it.

The truth is life isn't always about instant satisfaction. Sometimes we need to wait for what we want. Sometimes when we wait, we better understand what we want and need. And a collection over time makes better sense on the wallet.


  1. oh how i can relate!! if anyone knew the cycle of towels i've been through they'd never believe it! i used to match them with shower curtains...which didn't work well if i changed my shower curtain. :o/ then i went beige, then i went patterned...even BLACK! ugh. i'm sick of buying towels so i'm slowly changing over to white for all the bathrooms. so much easier and cleaner looking!

  2. i love the white fresh towels! and we have a light gray and a light blue now, but i cringe at the ugly warm toast colored ones i had before... and i registered for them!?!?!?

  3. I also love the soft fluffy look and feel of white towels. I find it makes laundry day easier by not having to worry about sorting so many colors. Love that! Join me at the party if you can------- Shannon

  4. I love my white towels too!
    I even have a basket of worn old white towels, that I use on the dogs!
    they just make me smile!
    dee dee

  5. White, it has to be white. I can't bear it either, if the dear old geezer brings home peach coloured toilet rolls - Yuc, it's white all the way !!

  6. This is a great post. Whenever I see engaged couples registering for colored towels, I want to yell, noooo! You will regret it! All white, trust me. But yes -- our style evolves, doesn't it? I wonder what I love now that I will laugh about in 5 years (or less)....

  7. Another perk of having white towels is...if dirty little hands soil problem...just use bleach.

  8. yes! I am a big fan of a little realism in the design blog world, so thank you! We don't all have loads of money for dramatic makeovers, but with a little patience, we can still make our homes a haven. Thanks!


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