Friday, February 24, 2012

The very first tip to getting organized

Recently I've been told that I'm very organized. By fellow bloggers or readers who read AP2CH.

If you asked my mum if I was organized, she would probably love to tell you how messy I was growing up. My room kind of always looked like a bomb went off in it. I wasn't one of those messy people who knew where everything was. I was the kind of messy person who was more worried about boys and my hair and making sure that my outfit was ready for the next day at school.

Sure I lost all sorts of things that were important, but being organized just wasn't important to me, even being tidy wasn't important to me.

I always felt like I had too much stuff for my room, no matter how big my room was.

College was more or less the same. But now we own our own home. And no one is quietly tip toeing into my room to collect my dirties and bring back fresh folded laundry.

Now my home is truly my sanctuary. Yea I still mess it up, don't worry, its not always perfect. But I care about our home and how it runs, so I make the effort.

 I don't day dream about boys anymore, I wonder about how to make our small home function better. No...really I do.

There's so many great tips about staying organized. But the very first tip that matters is that you need to want to be organized to be organized. You need to try to be organized even when its easier not to. You need to understand that in the beginning it wont be fun, or easy and you'll probably want to give up.

  The first tip is that you need to be willing for the change, even though it's difficult and easier not to

Join me next Friday as we talk about organizing. Hopefully we can slowly change some naughty patterns that make our homes less organized and tidy.

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  1. me feeling is once you make the change, it is easier to keep (if you are the one using that space) because you worked hard to get it there! my kids rooms are another story... i reorganize and reorganize and they keep wanting to play with their stuff... darn kids! ;)

  2. I really need to work on my organization. I'm hoping that with moving into our new house and starting off organized things will be easier...

  3. I really enjoyed this post! From the outside, my house looks very organized. It's usually tidy and clean - but I have a few closets that are a true embarrassment! I cleaned out my clothes closet today and it looks soo much better - I need to keep this organizational train going! :)

  4. I am in definite need of organization! I may appear organized on the outside, but don't open doors or drawers. Looking forward to this series for sure!

  5. You definately are the 'Queen of Organisation'. I was actually writing a future post in my head and thinking of you as exactly that !!!

  6. I love this! I am not a naturally organized person - it takes much work on my end to stay organized, but I love the feeling of it!

  7. I'm over from Primitive and Proper...I love your home and your blog. I'm now following via email subsription. Can't wait to get the latest and greatest in my inbox!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  8. I love the ways you always give me good ideas :)


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