Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest post from Cassie from Primitive & Proper

I'm so happy to have Cassie here today to talk to you all. . She is the nicest person and she inspires me so much with her eclectic style, I'm so happy that shes hear to talk to you today. First I'll share a couple of things shes done very recently that I love.

Hello!  I am Cassie from Primitive and Proper and I am so excited to be here on Jen's fabulous blog!  I found Jen's blog back in December through the Nester's holiday home link party and was blown away by her talent and style!  Isn't she amazing?  Her home is awesome and a great expression of who she is and who her family is.  And that is what a home should be... an expression of who we, the people who live in it, are.  My family is currently living in our third home.  Our first home was in Louisiana, and it's where both of my babies were born!  (Well, not in the house, but you know what I mean!)  I remember getting together that first nursery... I was so excited and so proud of it.  Yet now, looking back, I am so embarrassed!  It's not at all what I would choose today.  But style is evolutionary, so laugh at me all you want, but I am still evolving.  Do you want to see it, so you can laugh? So here is Sawyer's nursery in our first house.... everything was so "matchy".
My mom made the quilt and pillow and those are still so special to me.  I had painted the dressers which were my parents baby dresser, and I painted the changing table which came from a thrift shop.  So I was still thrifty and revamping furniture, just much differently than I would do now! When Emmy was a baby of about 2 months we moved into our second home.  I reused Sawyer's furniture, and her room is a little better....
I painstakingly used a formula lid to draw all of those circles and then went around painting them all.  I still think the walls looked cute, but that room is also a far cry from what I would do today if I were to decorate a nursery.  My how my style has changed! I am DONE having children, but I still like to look at nurseries and imagine creating a new one, only because I know I could do it so much better now!  So I thought it would be a fun activity to share what today's nursery would look like.  I am going to go gender neutral for all intents and purposes.  I am a huge fan of rustic, with a touch of glam, and a touch of aqua. First off, I am really digging white walls lately, so I would go with my favorite white, Benjamin Moore's Cloud Cover.  That way everything else would take center stage and pop against it. For the crib,  I definitely would not go with the honey colored crib of yore!  I am a huge fan of the simple Jenny Lind style, and love the crib that Ali painted for her twin sis Lisa.  I love it in this dark gray that could work well for a girl or a boy...
For bedding, I think I would go with basic whites and grays with some texture.  I adore this set I found on etsy!
Vintage Style Velvet and Linen Crib Bedding
And to bring a little pop of aqua to the bedding, this fun deer pillow just might be nestled in the corner... Animal Pillows Cat pillow  Dog Pillow Fox Pillow  Deer Pillow Bunny Pillow Nursery Decor Also to bring some color to the crib area, I would most certainly hang a fun bunting!  I love the unique style of this with the crochet designs and colors... folk flowers, crochet garland... Clara - vintage autumn colours of gold, aqua, russet and grass green
And of course we would need a gorgeous rug to anchor the room.  This one from West Elm would be perfect!  I love the slight geometric pattern and the texture.
Souk Rug
Now so far, it's pretty neutral with whites and grays, we need some color, right?  I would bring color, though slightly muted, in with the dresser which would also serve as a changing table.  And I would love to have a piece like this....
And above the dresser, of course we would need some awesome artwork...  perhaps these prints which I actually have and will be going in Emmy's room....
And of course, we are talking about a nursery, here... and since I am sure there would be many nights where I would be sitting next to the crib begging the baby to sleep, I think I might need one of these in this fabulous bronze finish... Planning a nursery is SO fun!  But here's the thing... free time is SO fun, too.  And my kids will both be in school full time next year, so I choose free time.  But if any of my friends decides to have a baby soon, I might stake claim on decorating the nursery. Thank you so much, Jen, for having me here today and letting me dream of the "what if".  I hope you will hop over to my blog and follow the progress of our "new" house and all of its non-nursery rooms!

Thank you so much Cassie! I cant wait to start the nursery makeover asap!


  1. Super cute ideas! I love neutral walls with pops of color!

  2. I truly heart Cassie....not only is she so creative and talented.....she is so funny! Thanks for all the inspiration. I really like your blog.


  3. Love it, Cassie! I adore my free time and completely agree with you! Your nurseries are sweet and, yes, as style does evolve, we often look back and wish we could make changes! Heck, I want to change things I did a year ago. It's fun to look back and see how we have grown!

  4. thank you so much for having me here, jen! and thank you ladies for not laughing too hard at my old nurseries! :)

  5. AWESOME pretend nursery cassie! You have such amazing style!

  6. Great nursery inspiration! Isn't it funny how our tastes evolve? Thank goodness right? I need to find a pic of the nursery I did, thanks for the trip down memory lane and introducing us to a new blog!

  7. Oh I love the bronze pouf! Decorating kid's rooms are fun no matter what their age is I think. I love Cassie's ideas! :-)

  8. I agree...awesome pretend nursery!! That cool! Now i want to plan my pretend nursery!! I see a new pin board happening haha!

  9. Oh and LOVE your blog and your style!! I'm your newest follower!

  10. LOVE this Cassie, it is so sophisticated and timeless. I don't think you would ever look back and be embarrassed (and you shouldn't be anyways, because, you are right, personal style evolves!)

    Now to look around Jen's blog....!

  11. I enjoyed seeing the evolution of style. I think mine is ever evolving because of all of the gorgeous inspiration in blogland !

  12. Oh how much fun! I would love to decorate a nursery again. Things have sure changed over the years!

  13. So much fun! God I love that gray, yellow and black crib set!


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