Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kitchen Makeover

I am so excited to be sharing with you all today my very first completed client makeover. My Clients eat in kitchen went from dark and cluttered to airy and fresh. I hope you enjoy the final project as much as I do.

This is the kitchen. My client didn't like the colors or how outdated and dirty and cluttered everything felt.


I updated the trim and doors with a fresh white, slighly time consuming, but totally worth it. I also updated the walls in this gorgeous blue/green/grey color by behr called celtic grey. Depending on the time of day or weather this room changes colors, and its really beautiful.

On the opposite side of the room it felt even darker, and with an old shabby table there was no room to have family dinners.

 I got a nice new petite table with plenty of seating for family meals and bookcases for tons of storage.

I de-cluttered this area by removing as many unnecessary items. Since this kitchen isn't that big, visually it couldn't handle all of these knick knacks.

 I took off all the magnets on the fridge, cleared away the clutter, I added new backsplash and replaced all the hardware.

This area of the room was more of a dumping area for my client. Nothing was useful, but she was trying to make it look as pretty as she could.

 I got a piece of foam cut to size and covered it in this beautiful and fun fabric for plenty of extra seating, and a cozy and comfortable feel.

Since she has a 3 year old, I wanted the room to reflect it. This will be a gallery wall that continues to change to keep the room fresh, and to praise her son for all his hard work by displaying his art work.

I put these floating shelves above the sink to add function to her kitchen. Adding white calms the room visually and keeps it all feeling very relaxed even though its a hard working room.

I added some clear containers and filled them up with goodies. They are at the perfect height for her son to help, we also added some closed storage for less attractive items.

We fit in an island and painted it to match this fun room. This gives my client plenty of extra space to work while cooking, and also looks really great too.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the makeover as much as I did.


Hope you all enjoyed!