Thursday, March 29, 2012

Updated House Tour

Hey Everybody. So today I'll be showing you a more updated version of my home tour. Our home is going on the market, so overall there's less stuff. Let me know what you think. 

The Foyer

The Kitchen

 The Dining Room

The Living Room
(this actually needs to get updated, but when I was taking the pictures, I was washing the slipcovers. So I'll get that to you soon. I have the new pillows, and also the top of the bookcases are a lot less busy

The Downstairs Bathroom

The Mudroom

The Upstairs Hallway

 The Master Bedroom
There is an update with this too, that I'll show you soon.

The Nursery

My Office

The Upstairs Bathroom

You can also go here to see the old house tour.



  1. Your house looks beautiful! You have put a lot of love into your home and it shows. Can I ask why you are moving?

  2. Your home looks amazing! I'm sure it's going to sell really quickly! Said it before, but I love your style!

  3. This should sell fast!!! it's perfectly staged to let people see the light and airiness you've created. Love the painted ceiling in the downstairs bathroom, LOVE the tile in the master bath - great use of storage - love, love, love the window seat in the living room. Good luck with the sale. Nothing more stressful than selling your house. I hope it goes quickly.

    Came to you from your comment on Inspired Room. But I'll be back.

  4. Your home is just beautiful - so soft and serene! It all flows so nicely from room to room. And you have great storage everywhere. I especially love the living room window seat and bookcases, but really I just love it all!

  5. i just love it all- i think kennedy's room and your office are my favorites! it looks fabulous to me and i know it will look fabulous to buyers! :) wishing you the best of luck and sending all good wishes, thoughts, karma your way!

  6. Oh my gosh, Jen! It's looking so great! You will have no trouble with a quick sale, I bet. I love how everything is sparingly decorated but it still looks comfortable and homey. You did such a great job! xo

  7. Jen- your house looks beautiful as always! I have to ask where you got the rug in your dining room? I a looking for one like that for my kitchen. Hope you sell your house quickly!

  8. Jen,
    You home is beautiful and staged perfectly for what I hope is a fast sale for you!
    dee dee

  9. I had so much fun touring your home! Love how you have decorated the downstairs bathroom! Your whole house is so pretty!

  10. Your house is so lovely! I adore the backsplash in your kitchen!

  11. Wow! All your hard work shows- things are looking so beautiful! Doesn't it seem like you get everything just right, when it's time to move?
    I love the round mirror in your foyer- where'd you find that baby?
    xo Becca

  12. Wonderful job, Jen! My husband and I owned a very old home in Virginia before we moved to Oregon-- those old houses take a LOT of work and TLC-- and yours looks great!

  13. Looks great. You can tell you put a lot of time and effort into making it so cozy and loved. I would def consider buying your house if we were looking in your area!

  14. Your house could be and should be in a decorating magazine spread. You are talented.

  15. It looks beautiful! You are a realtor's dream. :)

  16. It all looks amazing Jen and so perfect. I've always loved your living-room. I'd spend all day in there.
    I'm sure it's going to sell !

  17. Jen, you have done wonders to this house!!! I love everything. Everything flows really well. It looks beautifully clean too. As I stage houses may I make a couple of small suggestions?
    Foyer: Although I love the chair next to the hallway table, I think it needs to be moved elsewhere and table slid down and mirror mounted on the wall. Also because you have beautiful wood floors, may I suggest you remove the small rug too.
    Kitchen: A bowl of fresh fruit on the sink counter top would brighten that spot and remove the knife blog all together (I know weird but not a good thing to have out). Your window valance needs a little tweaking...if you could space the rings evenly perhaps?
    All the other rooms are lovely! Do you really need the open bulb lamp in your child's room? It's cool but may be a concern for potential buyers. Make sure you open all the blinds and switch on every single light for showings!!! I have no doubt that you will have a quick sale!!!

    Pull all blinds up to maximize day light.

  18. Love every room. I am especially drawn to all the great textures in your kitchen. You've done a wonder job creating your home to be a relaxing sanctuary.

  19. Your house is so beautiful! And I love the nursery! Great job! Cant wait to see how you're going to transform the next one! :)

  20. You have a beautiful home, I'm sure you will have no problem selling it! I have two questions, in your living room, above the bookcases, you have two matching white mirrors or frames, I have been looking everywhere for something like them, do you mind sharing where you got them from? And also, where did you purchase the bookcase on your upstairs hallway? I want to add some to my office, and those seem perfect for the space. Thanks in advance :)


  21. It would seems I am a later comer. Any how, I love your home. Which it is probably sold by now. I like that it is light and airy. I hate clutter. Too much stuff is too much. I absolutely love that light fixture over the dining table.


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