Friday, December 16, 2011

Kitchen Details

I hadnt planned on writing about my countertops today, but I've had a couple people ask some questions, so I wanted to share.

They are marble tiles, grouted together. When we were looking for an affordable option we were going to get butcher block, but it still seemed expensive. These tiles were at home depot, they were the cheapest marble tile and I think only about $1.00 a tile, but I cant really remember now.

Because our walls were such a light blue, and the cabinets were white, I knew the countertop could be dark, its also not black, its like a brownish-black color and its got white swirling through it.

We grouted the tiles together with black grout, so it appears more seamless. But I'm not trying to fool anyone, its not one big stone, but we get compliments anytime someone sees it for the first time.

We couldnt find an edge piece to match, and we had a hard time with it, so we installed this schluter system.

Here is a picture of how it matches up the backsplash with the counter

And here you can see the edges.

We ended up using the floor tile in between the schluter, even though I wanted to use the marble tile, it kept breaking when they were trying to cut it, and after many failed attempts, we decided to use the floor tile.

If you havent seen my before & after kitchen pictures- You can find it here

And then we added some beadboard and molding- You can find it here

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  1. It looks amazing! I love the tile! Our kitchen is all white (floor, cabinets, countertops, everything) so I'd love to do something like this to add some contrast. Thank you for sharing! I'm your newest follower too. Your little girl is beautiful and so is your home! So fascinated that you grew up in Scotland...I've been once and fell in love. It's an amazing place! Would be so grateful if you stopped by our blog too :)

  2. Jennifer - That was a great idea! I currently have dark green countertops. And though I try to stay focused on being thankful for having countertops at all (since there are many people in this world who don't even have a home) I would like to change them. I've been looking at the countertop paint that they sell at Lowe's but it's still pretty pricey, especially if I don't do it right. But this is a fantastic idea!!!

  3. I'm loving this kitchen. We did some freshening up in the kitchen in the house we bought and stopped when it came to counters. The $ was so daunting. And it seemed whatever we do/did to the counters will be basically permanent, so the decision has to be one we can live with for a long time. We haven't made a decision yet. :)
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