Thursday, December 22, 2011

Master Bedroom

This is our old bedroom. We moved the nursery to this room, and our room to the guest room

I really liked this comforter when I picked it out for our registry, but I felt like it was a little too girly later on. I also really liked the tin art behind our bed, but the color felt too matchy matchy and I always felt like it was a little too high.

 Our room wasnt very big with the tall queen bed, so I tried to add some art, and keep it pretty simple to make it feel larger. But it never felt right. And it was my least favorite room in our home. Which just shouldnt be the case of any master bedroom

After 6 weeks of living in the guest room, I bought new bedding. We had the feather insert, so we just bought the cover for it.

I love how the pattern is simple, but theres detail to it.

And I think this blanket gives the bed the right amount of texture and femine touch.

I bought the body pillow cover, and this new pillow which I just think is so sweet

I plan to take out these bookshelves, it was a perfect fit in this nook, but it feels too cramped

I put up a ton of paint samples. I wanted it to be a pretty grey, not too light and not too dark.

This the art that was on the wall when we moved our stuff into this room. It actually goes perfectly with the light green walls

I tried something totally different than my style, I kind of hated it right away. My husband said he liked it. So I'm just going to live with it for a little and see what we think

 We also bought this bed skirt. I never ever iron bed skirts, and they never seem to unwrinkle, and I always notice how sloppy it looks. So...I took the extra 20 minutes and ironed it. The left side has already been done, and the right hasnt.  It really makes a difference, right?

So thats it for right now. I wasnt going to share because its so undone, but this is what I've been working on, so why not share, right?

So left to do:
-Paint the walls grey
- Move the bookshelves out of the room
- Figure out whats going above the bed (saw a really nice mirror the other day)
- Play around with the bedside table situation
-Figure out whats going on with those blinds, buy new, add fabric?

And my long term goal is to pull up the carpets and paint the floors, but that is kind of a serious project, and one that I will have to continue to convince my husband of.


  1. Actually I think both your old bedroom and the new room look lovely. I really like the large piece behind the bed in the first piece, and I'm with your husband - I like the new artwork and especially love the cushion.
    I know what it's like though, when you know something is wrong and you want a change. I'm sure however the master bedroom finishes up it'll look great, as you have great style !

  2. I think it looks great! I even like the bookcase where it is! Adds a different dimension. That large tin piece was really awesome, could you use it, maybe just lower it to make it appear more like a headboard rather than an art piece? Paint it white? I think if you did that, moving the bookcase out would be a great idea so it wouldn't distract from the headboard. Just a suggestion! We have an old mantel from my parent's house that we painted white and mounted as our headboard. I love it. I had tried to get an old door from my grandparent's farmhouse before that but wasn't able to, so I was really excited when my parents decided to take out their fireplace. Anyway, your master bedroom looks GREAT!


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