Friday, June 24, 2011

The Devil is in the details

Like I mentioned yesterday, we did a lot of work to the kitchen, and after living with it for about 6 months we decided to add in some extra details to enhance the kitchen even more

We added wainscotting to all of the sides of the cabinets.  This is a nice detail, plus the area that you will need to cover probably wont be that much, so its a detail that wont cost that much.
We added molding to the top of all the cabinets to give it a more expensive look, in the picture below you can see what the cabinets looked like before.

Just plain boxes...not too exciting.

Another view of the molding and wainscotting

We also decided to add a chair rail around the room and wainscotting below it.  Again we dont have that much wall space to cover, so it wasnt that expensive for the materials.  This is the largest empty wall

There are about 4 areas in the kitchen with this amount of wall. So we were able to get the look of wainscotting all around the room, with very little wainscotting. Which makes my wallet happy

This is our hardware.  I love oil rubbed bronze.  This came out of a box set from target.  I think like 10 for $15, something like that, I think they were also on sale. You can still buy them individually at target for $1.78 each.
This is our faucet, also in oil rubbed bronze.  It was $250 from Home Depot which was a lot.  I loved it and had to have it. For me personally since the cabinets were old, I wanted to make sure to splurge on the faucet and appliances. 

We got these ceiling tiles on line.  I think they were about $400. I wanted the kitchen to feel special, and since the house was built in 1890, I thought they were appropriate. 
Close up of the tile design.  I also think these would look great painted.  We kept them white to make the room feel bigger.

Hope you enjoyed some of the details of our kitchen

Do you have any before & afters that you're proud of? If so I'd love to see, comment and put a link to your post about it!


  1. I'm new to your blog but I've loved touring it and your home. You've done such a beautiful job with decorating it.

  2. Your kitchen makeover is wonderful. I like the way you modernized it by using the period reproduction pieces like the tin tiles and the wainscotting. Aren't you just crazy about beadboard. I put it in my powder room and now I want it all over the house.
    I would love to know how you handled the corners of your cabinets where you added the beadboard to the side. I am planning on adding beadboard to my kitchen island and I am having trouble figuring out how the corners will work out.

  3. Your kitchen is pretty, and I especially like the tin and faucet. The white is so fresh looking too.


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