Thursday, June 30, 2011

I dont need anything else...

I don’t need anything else.

On every page of the magazines that I read it seems an add for something.  The newe$$$t baby toy$$$, 50 summer must haves under $50, 2 minute hair tricks (that of course include all the expensive products that you need to buy). And when you put down the magazine your mind spins with ideas of buying, buying things you hadnt thought of buying until just now.

Tiffany Blue Antique Writing Desk

I love when I see on a blog when someone makes something out of paint they had and some ribbon, or hot glue and some coffee filters. Its use what you have, its make do with what you've got, its free and creative.  Its a lot easier to just go and buy something new, but thats why I appreciate those kinds of DIY projects that much more.

Pedestal Side Table

I love making my home better, I would say its a constant quest for me. Making my home better means different things at different times. Maybe one day its making it less cluttered while adding in more storage, another day it'll be about messing up the kitchen to make homemade baby food, and then another day its managing the chores so we can live in it easier.  But I constantly remind myself I don’t need anything else.  And I encourage you to do the same. 

Perfect Chair for our Master Bedroom Reading Area

I encourage you to enjoy the process, to not stress over decorating and not feel the pressure of an undone home. I encourage you to think outside of the box of buying more and enjoying less.  I encourage you to feel happy in an undone home, to stop making excuses for a home that’s not magazine ready.  Remind yourself, convince yourself, you don’t need anything else to make you happy, or to make your house a home.

Cream Hutch- given to our neighbor

Make the decisions about what you buy be about need, beauty, function and that thing that it does to your heart when you see it.  Don’t get pulled into the nonsense of over consuming.  When I flip through a Pottery Barn magazine, its porn to me really.  But I constantly remind myself, I don’t need anything.  This keeps me feeling content in my own space.  I use PB for ideas and inspiration, but I never let it leave me feeling less than. When you go to a friends home, or a playdate of a stranger, try your hardest not to judge or compare. I always try to look for things that I admire, things that make a home feel: peaceful, inviting, homey, or enjoyable to live in.

Fun blueish grey chair

If you think you are someone who buys too much, or who has too much or buys on an impulse or maybe all of the above, think about doing these things.


1. Inventory your belongings, sometimes you realize you have WAY too much of something. Knowing ahead of time what you own far too much of, will save your $$$ next time you are shopping. ( my name is Jennifer and I have an addiction to pillows)

2. When you see something you love or want, write it down on a little wish list, visit the wish list in a week, see if you still want it. If you are on a budget do this once a month, if you give yourself a $ amount you are allowed to spend, you'll have a list of items to choose from.

3. If you keep buying accessories constantly, look at the big picture, are you trying to overcompensate for something else.  Maybe a funny wall color, bad couches, lack of character?

4. Go through your items and purge and sell. Sometimes when you realize how many of your items you are getting rid of, its a good step in the right direction for not overbuying in the future.

If you have any other tips, I'd love to hear.

Gorgeous 1920's Antique desk

All pictures are items that I've sold within the last 6 months, so I am still continually reminding myself that I dont need anything else, but in all honesty it does get easier the longer you do it, but I am not perfect, and I am still learning.

I don’t need anything else.  Do you?

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  1. I'm thinking that you are awfully young to be this wise {compliment}. You have said it so well. Our budget is pretty tight but I try to do the best I can and be happy with what we have, and rearrange the rest ;) I was already a follower but I am now adding your blog to my sidebar.


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