Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Budget Yard Makeover

We had lived in our house for a year and a half, and we hadnt done much to the outside.  I was busy making the inside feel like home, and then I got pregnant, so I was too tired and it was too hot outside for me to do anything. We decided we'd like to give the yard a little spruce up this year, but with a no more than a $500 budget.

Just to let you know our home was originally painted cream with blue trim, and its sandwiched in between 2 other homes that are white.  I really wanted to paint it white with navy shutters and a red door, but it didnt make sense because then there would be 3 white houses in a row. I wanted to go nuetral so I decided on Annoymous Behr grey and Stealth Behr black for the trim.  I didnt see the grey until it went up, and I feel its too dark.  This is an expensive mistake.  Last summer we got white shutters to add in some more white to lighten it up.


This is the view from the street. Sadly we painted the house before we moved in, but this blue wall remained. And bothered me....a lot. What bothered me the most though was that huge bush on the front lawn that blocked our entire home, even in the winter without any foliage, this bush blocked our whole house.


And now you can actually see our home!


I had already planted all my flowers, but just pretend they are not there. = )



Why didnt I just paint this wall? And I am so embarassed. but this deck trellis lay down for a year and a half.  I kept asking my husband to do it.  Everytime I drove up my driveway I would be like " that damn wall and damn trellis!

This wall is not gorgeous, its not very pretty at all.  If we were planning on staying for 10 years, we'd fix it, change it, and make it pretty.  But we are moving and we wanted it to look prettier at least.  I wish we had done this before we moved in.

Before deck

I planned on painting these wicker chairs, but then I just got lazy

After deck

Before side deck

This ugly gate was a dog gate, I sprayed it last year and the dogs could be on the deck.  It was a nice idea but it started to really fall apart and get ugly looking.

After side deck

Before backdoor

After backdoor

I already had the milk jug and the planter. The flowers were $3.33 and the star was $3.99 from Christmas Tree Shop

Before Tree

After Tree
This I only added 2 chairs, but it actually makes the backyard a lot more friendly.

Before Mailbox

After Mailbox

We painted it white, and replaced the old plastic mailbox with a new bigger black metal one.  We also put a really nice decal on both sides in bright white. It just says our address in script writting.

Breakdown of costs

$66.82 Home Depot
2 long window planters & 2 hooks
New black mailbox
New door hardware

$25 Christmas Tree Shops
3 blue metal stars
2 glass candle holders
shells for decor

$12.50 Etsy
Mailbox decal
I'm not showing this because I'm nervous of the crazies!

$82 Lowes
Flowers & soil
(man flowers cost a lot!!)

$103.76 Home Depot
Paint thinner
6 bags of mulch
Grey paint for the wall
(grey paint is Behr pewter mug)
Knob for garden hose
3 rollers
1 paint pole

82.07 Lowes
4 white adirondack chairs
2 paint trays

TOTAL 372.15

So we came in $127.85 under our $500 budget. Our yard isn't something you'd see on MTV cribs, but its nice to see with a little bit of money and a lot of sweat equity anyone can really make their outside area prettier.

Visit me tomorrow for my fun, beautiful and functional mudroom makeover!


  1. I like the gray color of your house. I think you picked well. It shows off the detail of the home that white never could.

    Your yard spruce up turned out fabulous.


  2. The yard doesn’t have to be an MTV crib material; the important thing is it’s not an eyesore, like your yard's old look, which basically blocked your house with unruly shrubs. How is it going now? Those flowers you planted have probably bloomed, and are beautifully adorning your house nowadays. Have a great day!

    Al Perreault @ Green Collar


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