Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mudroom Makeover

My before pictures of our mudroom arent that great, its a pretty small room so unfortunately I cant get the whole room in the picture at one time.


Notice the lovely pinkish walls, and the random patched up wall.

Pretty little window

The left wall

The very lovely tile floor (sarcasm of course)


I modge podged this wall with vintage book pages.  The books are actually pretty relevant, one is a book about mothers and daughters and the other is about having a happy marriage.  I try to include important numbers like chapter 9, because 9 is our house number or 12 because thats the date we were married.  I also added some blank pages just to break it up a little bit.

This bench was actually a tv stand bought from IKEA for our first rental house, it didn’t work in this house, and I realized it was the perfect size for this space.  I spray painted it heirloom white

I added two olive green hook holders onto the wall, spaced them out and then put a mirror in the middle. (this is perfect for checking to see if you are a hot mess right before you leave). I've seen other people modge podge with book pages, some people do straight lines so everything all lines up, but I go for a different look.  More like a jigsaw, pages overlap, some pages are vertical while others are horizontal. Both are pretty I think, so it just depends on your taste.

I got some foam and fabric and then hot glued it on. (I don’t know how to sew, it’s shameful but true). The good news is it was super easy and fast.

Next I added a bookcase from IKEA ( expedit $70), laid it on its side and filled it with storage holders.  The Fabric ones are from Walmart $10 each, the metal ones I believe are from Target, but a long time ago.  The metal containers we use for recycling, then when they get full it goes out to the bin outside.  The fabric containers hold different things : flip flops, cold weather stuff, all my many scarves, one is for errands and things to return.  It works for us really well.

 I also added the leftover fabric to 4 garage sale frames and hung them on the wall.  I painted the door this fun green because it’s a mudroom, and I think it should be fun and playful.

On top of the bookcase:
Mason Jar-for loose change (we just emptied it recently and it was over $100!)
Brown basket- Holds random things I don’t want to see
ETC basket- Holds car keys and sunglasses
Apothecary Jar- holds mini dog bones for our puppies

This is Macaroni on the left he's 2 1/2 weighing in at 4lbs and Pepperoni on the right he'll be 3 in less than a month weighing in at 8lbs.

This is the view from the kitchen

I hope you enjoyed my mudroom makeover!!! This space is all about beautifully fun function.
Do you have a space that’s both beautiful & functional?

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  1. Totally charming! You have done a fantastic job with your home! Doesn't even look like the same space. Side note- we have two little yorkies, too! They're so fun!


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