Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to focus on 1 project at a time

Do you have a to do list in your head of exciting projects you are dying to do around your home?

Oh good, I thought it was just me.

Currently on my to do list:
Finish master bedroom
Work on my blog/craft/getting pretty room
Re-design Kennedy's nursery
Hang up some art in the living room
Make a terrarium
Stencil the foyer (without a stencil)
Gallery wall on staircase
Paint hardwood floors
Pretty up my blog

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I try to be realistic when doing things around the house, but realistically I'm a creative person, and when inspiration strikes, I find it hard to stay on one topic.

Please tell me I'm not alone?

So tips to stay on track with your current project!

1. Write down all your good ideas for your current project, I find I think of things randomly, and its hard to remember everything. Writing things down will keep you organized and get you motivated and inspired.

2. Write down ideas for your other projects too.  Just because you are not working on those other projects does not mean you should not make notes, pin great ideas, or if you see something on sale pick it up.

3. Make a to do list. This helps me mentally, I need to write it on real paper, and cross it off with a real pen vs digitally. I'm weird like that.

4. Take before & after pictures.  Even if you don't blog, visually seeing the progress will help push you to finish.

5. Take a break. This isn't a race, take your time and enjoy the process. (totally easier said than done, I know)

6. Allow yourself to do tiny projects. If you are super excited about another project go ahead and do it, only if it'll take a couple of minutes or a few hours. If its a major project, just wait until you are done with your current project.  You obviously want to try not to leave things undone. Its better to have 2 projects 100% complete than 15 projects 70% complete.

7. Share. Either online or with family and friends. You will most likely get great compliments and maybe some wonderful ideas too.

8. Ask for help.  If you feel like you cant finish by yourself, ask for help from your family or friends, or a professional if you think the job is too difficult.

9. Treat yourself. If you've been DIYing every weekend, take a weekend off to just relax. Go get your nails done or go out for dinner, or maybe just lay on the couch all weekend. You'll feel more refreshed to go back and finish.

10. Put a self imposed deadline on it. Sometimes people need that deadline to get the work done, so set a deadline that is reasonable and get to work!

Some people are SUPER talented and successful at doing lots of projects around the house, and if you are like this, please write a post about how you stay mentally focused and motivated while doing so much. Personally I feel when I am working on too many bigger projects I feel anxious with all that's undone, so I work really hard to keeping myself focused on one big project. If I have lots of little projects I kind of just do them together or at my leisure and really enjoy it, but bigger projects I like to stay focused.

Do you have tons of big projects going on right now?

Are you good at doing a lot of big projects all at once, or are you like me, and try to stay focused so you don't overwhelm yourself?

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  1. These are great tips. We are hoping to move in a year or two, so I've started the "what needs to be accomplished to put it on the market" list. I took the other night I wrote everything out in one big list. Then I broke it up into sections from now until when we hope to put it on the market. So manageable! It makes life way less stressful and is easier to budget for too!

  2. Great tips! You had me at 'self imposed deadlines'...I am such a believer in doing that!

  3. great tips I am a list person myself thanks for sharing

  4. Great tips! I have an obsessive personality and once I start something I don't really stop until I finish it. I've been known to be outside with a power sander at 9 pm. Sometimes it's good to take a step back and relax from DIY or whatever.

  5. Your house is gorgeous! I love all the details and the way you mix old with new. So lovely!

  6. I'm one for lists as well - a list for each room, a list of things I'd like to get, a list of touch up jobs, a list of craft ideas - the list goes on and on !!!

  7. I have a slight problem with staying on task. Just as my amazing daughter :) That is why I have deemed "2012 The Year of Finishing" Wish me luck and thanks for sharing some tips!


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