Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Goals

I'm linking over to the nester, she has a big super fun link party, so if you'd like to see more people talking about their home goals, go there.

I really love our home. It feels comfortable and cozy and just pleasing to my eyes. Not everything is perfect though and there is ALWAYS room to grow, but I always say thats the fun in it.  These are my goals for our home this year. Next year I might need and want something completely different.

My Goals for our home

1. Take Risks

I want to take more risks in my home. Not huge scary neon green walls risks...but risks that feel like me, like us. Risks that make this house a home. Risks that make our home feel special, to us.

2. Make it more personal.
I think I do a good job of only allowing things in our home that I love.

And as my family changes, so does our the sweetest way. I'd like our home to always reflect us. Not nessecaryily the trendiest or coolest thing right now. I dont want to do what everyone else is doing, because everyone else is doing it. I want our home to feel like us and surround ourselves with things that we love.

 Book may not be the trendiest home bloggy thing, but we like it.


3. Stop taking in strays
I have an attic full of junk. I have big ideas of painting furntiure and selling it. I really love fixing stuff up. So when I see something on the side of the road with tons of potential for free...whats a girl to do?  The problem is I dont really have the space to fix things up, and it usually involves bringing furntiure up a couple of flights of stairs. So, no more buying or adopting furntiure or items.

4. Purge the things we wont use
 I need to get rid of the furntiure that I dont think we'll use. Selling on craigslist has worked for me in the past, but it takes time, and patience, maybe I need to accept that the things that I paid for I just wont be getting my money back on. Maybe getting rid of it for no cash will be reward enough in itself? Maybe I need to try to get rid of two items a month until I'm done? Maybe I should put it all out on the street and write *curb alert* on craigslist? Free and thrifted items are always a risk, one that has paid off so well, maybe I can just look at it as giving back?

Telephone table

Vintage medicine cabinet

 Adorable side table

Cute blue side table

Stepping stool

2 bedroom side tables

And I have a ton more stuff, that hasnt been finished just taking up space.

5. Live like we'll never leave
Our home is on the market right now. We are planning to sell and move to North Carolina. But as most of you know, selling your home isnt really easy right now. So we've been on the market for 7 months. Its difficult to live in a home that you dont know how long you'll be there for. Emotionally you say goodbye to the home, you try to pack up your personal stuff, still making it look pretty, but trying to remove the us in it.

But how do you live in a space like that for 7 months? Lately I've been trying to forget that the house is on the market, and just live in the moment. Just live in this house until we aren't living here anymore. Maybe we'll move in 2 months, maybe 2 years, maybe 10. So since I dont know...I need to let go of trying to anticipate the departure and just enjoy the now.

I hope you enjoy visiting, I loved having you here.

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  1. Well I'm definitely already a follower so don't worry. ^__^ I just want to say a huge kudos on number 2 on your list. This is such a hard and important lesson for anyone and I'm really glad that you're doing it. Too often I see beautifully laid out homes on blogs and I wonder to myself "Do any of those pretty things strewn about those shelves MEAN anything?" My hubby has been really instrumental in helping keep me off that path. He has pushed that anything we have for decor in our home should be something that means more than just staging. It should be something we really love. That makes so much difference. It's nice to look around and see things that I can say I made or that I love just because of the memory attached.

    I also feel for you with numbers 3 and 4 on your list. I see so many cute makeovers on blogs that it's tempting to take in almost any curbside stray but I simply don't have the space. Admitting that is hard when I'm looking at something and just imagining how adorable it would be all painted up. (I'm staring at your telephone table right now DROOLING, by the way.) I will have to be even more careful of this once I get a house and we have an attic. It'll be too tempting to put things up there. It's also probably for the best that I live no where near you as I'd be eyeing Craig's list so I could snatch up almost everything you just listed because I love all of it. *cough*

  2. these are all awesome goals- i love the last one.... live here like we will never leave. :)

  3. I want that telephone bench! I've been keeping an eye out for one in our area. Very cool.

  4. Your goals are great. I think we all need to remember to be ourselves when decorating. Good luck with the sale of your home. I am a follower of your great blog!

  5. I love your goals! They are good things for everyone to remember! When planning things to do for the house we are currently buying I'm trying to just do things that I (and my husband) like vs. what's "in" right now. And it's hard to live in house you know you're leaving soon. My husband freaked out that I made a gallery display in the dining room with a pending move, but I want to be comfortable until we leave.

  6. Jen, Our home has been on the market for 7 months so I understand the need to purge. Best of luck with your home selling soon. xo, Sherry

  7. Oh my gosh! I love all of it. And great photos too.
    I followed you - hope to see you on my followers list :)
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  8. I'm your next door neighbor at the Nester's Home Goals party! LOL! Your home is absolutely lovely. I love those signs in the first post! I wish you all the best in 2012!

  9. What else can we all do, when we have no way of knowing what is around the corner - JUST LIVE IN THE NOW - says it perfectly !

  10. Your home is lovely! Love that small chest and telephone table! Great items you have. Wishing you luck this year on selling your home!


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