Friday, December 23, 2011


So..I'm looking for a little fuctional advise.  As well as wanting it to to be pretty.

These bookcases hold stuff

Some stuff that we need...other stuff thats just pretty

Its close to the kitchen, so its really easy to grab something from the bookcases.

But then my daughter learned to crawl, and then she learned to walk. And now she loves to pull stuff off that bookcase. ALL DAY LONG. I'm a realistic person, I never trade beauty for function, in my season of life, it just doesnt make sense.

I want form and function.

Real life is messy, right?

And the mess is fun

How could I even be mad at this little face? Shes just playing & exploring

These baskets go on the bottom of the bookcases. They hold bibs and wipes, and diapers. I could find another place for these items. But what could I put here thats safe for a one year old, looks nice and if she pulls it out it wont make such a mess?

And how could I be mad at this little face? He thinks anything soft belongs to him

So any ideas on what I should put in the bottom 3 rows of bookcases. Its 9 cubbies worth of stuff.

- It should be unbreakable & safe for a 1 year old
- It should be stuff that if pulled out wont make a gigantic mess
- I have tons of stuff, so throw out some ideas and I'll see what I have in my stash
- I can still keep the basket there, but what should I put inside of them?

Merry Christmas everyone, hope this year is just wonderful!


  1. I have the same shelf ( just 1 though ) in my dining room. My little boy is almost 2.5 and I keep his books on the bottom two shelves. I organize them by color, so that they look pretty, but they are very functional and he enjoys having his books right there without having to run upstairs. I also keep a few of his favorite toys in a basket on the next shelf up. It looks neat and tidy, but he sure enjoys it! I love the color of your wood floors--beautiful!

  2. Love the decor! We are starting to renovate out new house so I am looking for all the ideas I can get. I love the chandelier you got there.

    happy holidays!

  3. @ cranny & b- I put her books on the shelves yesterday, when they were just sitting there she thought it was a game to pull the, down, so now they are in baskets, and so far so good. And then I put toys in the other baskets. So I have like 6 out of 9 filled. It looks nicer though, so thanks for your ideas! Thanks tututiny, the light is from lowes, they also have a similar one at home depot but it's round. Good luck and I'd love to see pics of the Reno!

  4. I'd put toys and books for her to pull out of those baskets. We have those same shelves(love IKEA!). As an older person (grandmother), I'd wouldn't worry about the mess-just let her have fun-time goes by too quickly to worry about the small stuff! That's something I've learned with age! Your home is beautiful by the way. Kathy

  5. You are a smart cookie! You have your priorities ordered just right. What adorable little faces - your daughter and your doggie! :) It brings back sweet memories. Enjoy these days, and know that everyone in this stage has mess to live with. Heck, I'm 52, with a 23 year old son and a dog, and I think it's messier now than when my kids were little! There's always something, but that's real life. :)


  6. Love the look! These are Billy Bookcases so purchase 3 x 1/2 doors. It will keep her out of there (you can baby proof when there is a door) and they are super easy to install. Also - make sure (Iam positive you have already) to fasten these shelves with a firm strap to a stud (not just a strap with an anchor). I promise you will find your baby half way up those shelves one of these days - my son actually pulled a shelf on top of him (we had used a heavy duty anchor in the drywall)


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