Friday, March 2, 2012

2nd tip to getting organized!

Last Friday I talked about the very first step to getting organized.

Today I'd like to talk naturally about the second step to getting organized.

It comes down to reason & motivation


I'm not sure what your reasons or motivations are for getting more organized, but I can tell you why its important to me.

Reason #1

Anxiety. For me personally I don't do well in messy places. I like cleanliness, I like order. I could go to someone elses house that was messy and that would be fine, but its not an environment that I enjoy living in. So...aka your mess doesn't bother me, but my mess bothers me a lot.


When my home is in order, I can better handle obstacles, annoyances, and every day little hiccups. They don't seem so bad. But when my home is a mess, the laundry is dirty and piled up, and things are getting misplaced, then when something "bad" happens it feels like the last straw.

Reason #2

Enjoyment. When our house is in order we get to just enjoy. We can play anywhere, we can be in the moment.  We can feel free to invite over friends and family or a host a play date.


Reason #3 

The possibilities. When our home is in order we are free to make plans to do fun things. We are free for play dates, we are free to see grandparents, we are free to go to the park for an impromptu walk and play, we are free to go shopping. All those things go on the back burner when there's house work to do.


Tip #2 to getting organized- Find the reasons and motivations for being organized so that getting and staying organized seems worth it.


  1. I did a mid week cleaning session the other night and felt so much better. It means my weekend isn't spent cleaning, but doing other things that I really enjoy.

  2. I so agree, if my house is a mess or laundry is out on control, I fill with anxiety. A tiny and clean house is like a breath of fresh air.

    1. That's exactly like how I feel, not everyone is like us. But if you notice your moods being changed negatively by a dirty or messy house it just makes sense to try to keep your home in order. I always feel happier when I can be proud of my environment!

  3. i am so with you! i cannot relax when there is chaos around me!

  4. I totally agree! When my house is a mess I feel soooo stressed out. It's hard for me right now because we just moved, so most of our stuff is still in boxes, but the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms are clean so I'm not having a panic attack.

  5. I love all those gorgeous pics! And I must admit, I am a neat freak!

  6. It is amazing how a calm environment makes you feel so much calmer! When my three year old has a hard day of playing and there is stuff everywhere, I can just feel my blood pressure rising with the mess of it all!

  7. Those pictures are amazing! Gosh, I wish I was that organized. I need a weekend to myself (no husband, no kids, no phone, no Pinterest!! lol) to get my butt into gear and sift through all the junk in my house.
    Wanna babysit??

  8. I totally agree with you! This is exactly how I feel!

  9. Hi Jen ~ I love being organized and that's a great tip! I just 'toured' your home and it is so charming. You have added your personal touch everywhere and have really made it special. My favorite color is blue so I am really loving the color of your kitchen!

  10. I also prefer to have my house organize. It is not always clean, but there is nothing out of place. My kids are grown and now keep their own homes neat, but didn't do that growing up! I can have a friend or neighbor drop in- and on our little lane, that is an everyday event - and not be worried that they will see a mess. I think the fact that our cottage is small keeps us from leaving things around. I tell my husband, whose studio is in our home ,that I want to get to our door and look through the window to see flowers on the table, the chairs pushed in, the sofa plumped and nothing out of place. Together, we keep it up. The dog hair and sand are another story!

  11. Nice blog. You might like this cartoon about "getting organized".


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