Monday, February 20, 2012

Perfect Is Over Rated

Perfect is over rated. I've talked before about being brave, and that's how I want to live in our home.

 I'm joining The Nester today in her It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful link party

That being said...I want to talk about some imperfections in my home, and things that I want to change. 

Recently I've been thinking about our dining room. I'm ready for a change. I feel like it needs to be brighter and fresher. There's nothing wrong or imperfect about the color really, I just want a lightness that this room doesn't possess. 

I think with the brown walls, brown wood floors,brown rug and brown chairs, its just too much.

Since we hang out in the living/dining room all day I like to think of them as one living space. 

I've been trying to add in more yellow in the living room. So maybe painting the dining room yellow will be the perfect solution. It certainly will make the room seem bright and sunny, and I think it will be a nice transition from the living room.

And these no sew curtains (hot glued) I'm really proud of, but they don't really fit my style anymore.
I hate the idea of buying new curtains since we are trying to sell our house, but that's not really a reason to keep something I'm not in love with anymore. I think I might just take down the curtains and rods, fill up the holes and paint the walls something fresh.

Do you have any suggestions for paint colors besides yellow?

 I wish that I could keep my home better organized while I was doing makeovers

Even though the process is not perfect, I enjoy the final product

I have never seen anyone put a yard stick on a new desk. I'm sure someone out there thinks its ridiculous.

But the truth is, I love it. I smile every time I see it, it just makes me happy. I stuck it on with mounting putty so its not permanent, I don't think you could get any more imperfect.

 Every day I try to embrace the imperfection and live in the now. Let the dishes clutter the sink every once and awhile. "I'm busy living", I tell myself. 

I still enjoy the beauty where I can find it, and make notes on things that I'd like to change

I feel like our house is such a dark grey it really needs lighter items where ever we can find them.

I plan to add white flowers this year, I wont put the stars back up, and I might paint the wicker furniture white, and I might just buy some of those. Or better yet, just buy a few more of these chairs because they are cheap and clean and white. My wicker is really falling apart.

There will always be little imperfections that I want to change, but I think the key is not let them stop you from enjoying your life or home right now.

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  1. i think the yellow would be nice, but i think the light blue from the textiles in the living room would be really pretty, too! and i have always heard that yellow makes people more agitated... i don't really know if that is true of course! we had a lot of yellow in our first house and i realized that for me it didn't work- i need to surround myself with cool calming colors, espeically with the chaos of two kids. but that is just ME. you have to do what works for you! i love the idea of lightening it either way! it already looks great, but you have to change rooms as you change, too! and i bet you could find some inexpenzive and pretty curtains at ikea. :)

  2. Your house exterior is about the same color as ours. We had a red door forever and I decided I wanted a change. I painted it navy blue, and it made everything look fresh and new. Amazing what one little change can do...

    Just a suggestion, before you re-paint your dining room, try some white curtains and see if it lightens it up enough for you. I think the tan looks lovely, and if you are going to re-sell, it would be more neutral than yellow. But in the end, you have to do what you like and what's right for you!

  3. Your home is BEAUTIFUL!!! Also love the mid makeover disaster... there's always piles of unfinished projects all over my house too! :) Visiting from The Nester!

  4. Gorgeous, cozy home! I'm visiting from the Nester's linkup. Sounds like your mind is always turning with new possibilities. Mine too. Now I'm off to peruse a little more of your blog!

  5. I love your house and think it's gorgeous! I also am in love with the light fixture in the dining room.

  6. Your home looks beautiful! And I LOVE the yardstick on your desk! It would make me smile too!

  7. I'm in total agreement here, perfection is for the birds. :)

    Found you through the new linky followers blog hop. I'm so happy to be your newest follower, it would be great if you follow me back. :)

  8. Do I spy a yorkie in one of those pictures?! I am desperate for one! They're so small and cute. :) I don't know that I would go yellow -- but like Cassie said, you have to do what works for you! And the great thing about paint is that if you don't love it, it's not all that hard to change. :)

  9. I am obsessed with gray paint lately. I just painted my family/tv room BM Coventry gray and I'm in LOVE. It definitely has more blue tones than I expected but I'm happy with it. I know you want to lighten up your dining room, so maybe a paler shade of gray would be nice. BM stonington gray is a light gray and it's beautiful. Plus, I love yellow accents in a gray room....

  10. It's amazing how history repeats itself. My mom had a light gray living room in the 50's. Gray painted pine floor, 2 tone gray carpet,3 light gray walls, one windowless wall wallpapered in green, gray and silver paisley print, white woodwork. Bright red sectional couch, 2 side chairs, green and gray. Floor length drapes and valances in gray background matched the walls, with huge red flowers, yellow centers, and big green leaves. It was the only time she worked with a decorator. Now gray is big again!

    I love the book page wallpapered bathroom. I papered one wall in my bath in aluminum foil(shiny side out) in 1975. Conversation piece. Love doing crazy stuff to my house!

  11. Saw you over at My Handcrafted home.I am loving your cute blog. New follower:>

    loved the stars. You could paint them to brighten them up.

    Also I am having a Sunday Blog hop and would love for you to link up

  12. Nice job for a home to enjoy right now!! Love the individuality of each room. Cozy, Warming and Inviting. And as to your brown room , I understand what're actually visualizing. Maybe the rug only but very nice. I'm more formal in downtown area. Very nice.. Enjoy your beautiful home....


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