Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Painting the office!

This is what the nursery looked like when my daughter was using it

But since we moved her to her newer bigger room, it was used like this

We moved these bookcases from our bedroom in the makeover, and they landed here

And this dresser holds some of my husbands clothing

And this is the view out the door.

I really loved this color combo for the nursery

So my "plan" was to paint all the walls and trim and picture frame molding white. Then on the top half of the room add some very light grey painted stripes going horizontally.

This is the first coat of white

You can definitely still see the grey and yellow coming through

And then the second coat of paint.

And then a third on the bottom

Can you tell it was greyish still on the bottom?

I painted 2 coats on the top, and 3 coats on the bottom. And then I ran out of white paint. And the grey was still coming through on the bottom portion of the wall. hmmm...

Then because we have old walls mathematically I thought it would be really difficult to do stripes. Even more difficult because of the molding in the middle of the room. Even more difficult because I don't like math, and I'm more of an imperfection is ok kind of girl. 

Imperfection is not ok with stripes, and  I didn't want wonky stripes.

Ok. So I'm creative. I can get myself out of this. Without buying more paint. But now my walls were just white and I wanted to show off the picture frame molding a little bit at least.

So these were the paints that I got at Home Depot in the Oops section. $2 each. I originally bought them for my stripes, and the one I didn't chose I could find another use for.

I mulled over the choices for 10 minutes

In the end I went with the lighter grey color. I really wanted the room to feel airy and light. And I wanted to add in colorful things, but I thought the darker color would make the room feel too weighted down.

Here it is in progress. The painted part on the left was my little angel helping me

2 coats of the grey went on. BTW...at this point I had painted for 3 hours the night before, and then 2 hours the next day to do the grey and I was so TIRED.

And here it is finished ( all the stuff is in the middle of the room as I got these pictures, so they are a little funny, but they show the rooms color)




Just begging for pops of color & inspiration

 I cant wait to show you all the next step of this makeover, I'm really excited and proud of it!

So what do you think of the new colors? I'm really happy with the look, have you painted something recently that you are excited about?


  1. The color gray is perfect! You are right - it looks fresh and airy and it will allow such unlimited possibilities for accenting! Looking forward to your developments :-)

  2. Oh I really do like it. It's fresh and airy and personally that's my style over stripes. I can't wait to see more!

  3. don't you love light walls and adding in color through accessories etc. ? It looks so clean and fresh--great job! :)

  4. I really like it! I'm definitely going to have to look at the ooops section for colors I'm not totally set on. I was hoping to see the stripes, but this looks very light and airy.

  5. Lovin it! Light, fresh, airy.....
    A true winner!
    Dee Dee

  6. Awesome job! So glad you found such a great color in the oops section- who would've thought? It looks beautiful. Definitely light and airy. Way to hang in there and paint, what was it? 6 coats? Ah!

  7. Looks great!! :-) Love when I find a great paint color in oops paint. Sadly it doesn't happen very often for me!

  8. I love your office. I am crazing white walls again. I am a teacher and plan to paint the craft room and the bathroom white. In my first home, I could not imagine color on the walls, well then styles changed. Now I want some white and some color. I love you blog. Love the saying , organize, clean, decorate, and live. I need this as my mantra. My husband and I thought we would buy a new home and now we can't. I've been in such a funk, I don't appreciate what I have. Trying to make slow and steady changes.


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