Thursday, February 2, 2012

DIY Lamps and when projects go wrong

So I wanted to see if I could do something fun with these lamps. I wanted to add something grey on the shade.

I added some dark grey yarn and grey & white yarn

But it started to feel a little masculine, and something you'd add into a little boys room. I didn't like it. So I took all the yarn off.

The dark grey yarn seemed too dark, so I decided to only use the grey and white yarn. I started to put it on more of an overlapping zigzag pattern

And this is how it looked from far away. I thought it looked kind of cool, but I wasn't sure of it.

So I lived with it for a few days...I liked the way it looked from far away. You couldn't tell it was yarn, but up close, it just looked like yarn on a lamp shade. Which wasn't the look I was going for.

So I took off the yarn.

 I want to share with you when things go right and wrong.
 Because that is TOTALLY part of decorating.
And stuff totally goes wrong, and doesn't turn out like how you thought, and you waste a little money on a creative idea that didn't pay out.  No matter what, if it doesn't work, be honest with yourself and just fix it, don't be married to a bad decision.

The good news is I've taken so many more risks that have worked out, so I keep on keepin' on!

Be brave, take risks, even when it doesn't always work out. 

Have you taken a risk lately that has paid off...or that hasn't?


  1. i completely agree! and sometimes it just takes living with something a couple days to see if you like it or not.... and if not you can always change it!

  2. It's ok I think we all feel that way at times,,, you would have never known unless you tried! I think via your photos it looked kind of cool!
    Dee Dee

  3. Good post! I love it when people own up to ideas that just didn't work. We don't all get it right the first time around. :)

  4. I'm redoing things I just did in November - because I decided I didn't like the look after all! Mostly, it's just paint. Which I wanted to share with you - I found out by accident you can spray paint a lamp shade! I was going to try to spray a new shade with a bold pattern that didn't work for me. Then I was going to cover it in burlap. Well, when I sprayed it with gray primer, it looked great! Like damask. You could mask a design on your shades and try it...


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