Thursday, February 16, 2012

Be Flexible in Design

I realized while I was doing my office makeover that I was challenged quite a few times. I made a plan, and then that plan didn't work, and I had to come up with new ideas right then and there.

Its important to look at design as flexible, if something doesn't work, then think of a new plan, or maybe a couple. I'm really good at visualizing what something is going to look like, but if you aren't good at that you can always try an online mood board. Or if the item is small you could always buy it, and return it if it doesn't work. Just check the stores return policy first.

Here are the random annoying things that happened while I designed my office, they are the same annoying things that I think made this project way better. 

I originally wanted to paint all white walls, and do grey stripes. I ran out of white paint, and with 120 year old walls, I was worried about how long it would take to measure out the stripes. I ended up painted the bottom grey.

 I ended up picking this bold rug that I definitely wouldn't have bought if I did the stripes. And even though I love stripes, I love that I can take this rug wherever we go.

Ikea didn't have the desk I was looking I decided to just get creative and make one.

I wanted white shelves originally with my white walls with stripes. But then I didn't do the stripes and my white shelves were out of stock, I didn't stress. I picked the glossy gray, which ended up being better in this particular room.

Originally  I was trying to decided between a vintage desk and a more modern desk. I ended up deciding I could have 2 desks. I am so happy having 2 desks. I love each desk and the area around it so much, but I also love how they play off each other.

Originally I thought these shelves would look really cool with all globes on top. In the end I made it work with free accessories I had around the house. Maybe in time I'll add some globes, but I'm glad I didn't spend anymore money. I'm also glad I didn't try to shop all thrift stores in a 20 mile radius looking for globes. (ps this totally sounds like something I would do). The truth is now that I'm not looking for them, I'm sure they'll find me. 

Don't be discouraged when your plans don't work out, and don't be afraid to think of the next plan, sometimes its even better than your first.

If you'd like to see my whole Office Makeover & the details you can go here


  1. You are right, sometimes the unexpected makes things turn out better than you planned. Great office.

  2. Thanks for this reminder! I found it really encouraging since I'm starting to work on things for our new house and I'm sure I'll hit a few snags along the way.

  3. As usual, I love your space! That globe is AMAZING! Did you paint it black?


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