Monday, December 19, 2011

White paint fixes all

On the outside it looks all pretty...

But on the inside...its ugly

We dont have a new house with a fancy pantry, this is our pantry. We use this cabinet and the one directly above it to house all our food

And its hard to organize, because its deep, and its just full of stuff

I pulled everything out, dusted and wiped it down, and painted a coat of white paint that I had just lying around.

And then put the food back in

Its just white paint, but it feels so much cleaner and fresher, right?

The truth is it took longer than I thought, and I just did the top cabs. Which means I still have to do all of the bottom cabinets, not excited to do the work. But I am excited about the finished product.

In addition I bought some storage solutions to clean things up a little bit, so I'll be doing that soon, and sharing it soon too.

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  1. Oh I love your kitchen! The cabinets definitely look much fresher now - it's amazing what a can of white paint can do! :)

  2. That white paint totally transformed the kitchen! It looks great and you're right...super fresh and clean. Nice work!!

  3. Yep, I totally agree - white paint does fix all! Thanks so much for visiting me - I'm happy to have found your lovely blog and will be following from now on. Can't wait to get to you know you and your blog better. Happy holidays!

  4. wow...looks so good painted white...and i love your white kitchen! ~deb~


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