Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Entertain More

If you are waiting for your home to be perfect, it never will be. Entertain anyway.

I'm not a huge cook, I'd like to be one day, but I try not to beat myself up over it.

I have playdates at my home, usually twice a month. I've learned a couple things to make it a little more enjoyable, for me, and my guests. I usually have between 5-10 mothers with equal amount of children.

My Rules-

1. Dont stress, dont try to clean like a maniac, or make things perfect

2. When you can, get people to help. I like potlucks, everyone brings something, so theres plenty of food and I dont need to stress about cooking all morning. When my guests arrive, I can just be a good hostess and have fun.

3. Keep your home clean & tidy so guests are always welcome. I'm always 30 minutes to 1 hour away from being ready for company. That doesnt mean my house is always perfect, but I clean once a week, and tidy in between so I can enjoy my home. Having a clean and tidy home, means I can entertain more.

Has anyone tried this product? I've been using it for awhile and it smells great!

4. Make your guests comfortable, put out stations where people can help themselves.

5. Make something easy. I usually make muffins when I go to someones house, but at my house I make cinnamon rolls. Everyone loves them, and they are the best when they are fresh out of the oven. I also like to make homemade hot chocolate because it tastes delicious. Both take less than 10 minutes combined.

6. Freshen up. I like to freshen up the toilet, wash the towels in the bathroom, empty the garbages, and make sure there is plenty of handsoap and toilet paper in the bathroom. Also sweep & vaccuum, and wipe down the kitchen counters. Because my home is always pretty clean, this also takes about 10-15 minutes.

And most importantly - enjoy your company, dont make excuses for an imperfect lived in home, be gracious and invite them into your life.

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  1. I LOVE your entry Jenn...
    And yes...I have tried that and it smells delish!
    all good tips by the way;)

  2. Great tips, Jennifer. It took a while for me to learn, but I am relaxing more when I entertain and try hard not to make those excuses for an imperfect home. It is through blogging and the great people I have encountered here that I have learned to love our home more and not worry about imperfections as much.

  3. your home is so beautiful and so is your sweet daughter! I LOVE J.R. Watkins stuff! It is on every sink in my home;-) thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day and following. I look forward to keeping up with and being inspired by your home renovations!


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