Monday, February 13, 2012

Guest Post From Gardners 2 Bergers

Hi Everyone, Happy Monday!

Today Becca From Gardners 2 Bergers will be here sharing her condo and what her style is.

Hello blog fans of "A Place 2 Call Home". My name is Becca and I run a little blog called "from Gardners 2 Bergers". Jennifer invited me to host today and asked me to talk about my design style. I'm so excited to reach out to fellow bloggers, so pull up the computer, get cozy, and let your eyes feast upon my "GLORY"!

Here's a pic of our home- ok, let me be more clear, it's the dining room part of the living/dining room/kitchen which I call "livitchen". For the past three years, the condo life has been, livitchen.
This pic is perfect for showing my love for both styles! I love the vintage globes and suitcases above a brand new Ikea mirror and very modern moose head! 
Truly, my style falls into four categories: "NEW-NEW", "OLD-NEW," "NEW-OLD," and "OLD-OLD."
The New-New- Our sectional is what you would call "new-new". It's a custom made sectional from Basset Furniture and I designed it to have clean lines and a modern feel. Pretty much all the pillow cases on the couch are also "new-new." Surprisingly, "new-new" is kinda fun to say!

The New-Old- This is when you buy something with the intent to change it into something that looks "aged". Take a look at the curtain panels behind my couch. They are new Ikea curtain panels that I stenciled with a damask stencil. I wanted to create an aged looking fabric to balance the newness of the couch.

The Old-New-These are the things we already have that get a makeover to resurrect an old item and make it into a new one. The lamp on my front table in the livitchin was a brass monster, but had these gorgeous lines. I used a 20 cent clearance can of spray paint to makeover the lamp and also the mantel clock beside my couch. It was this ugly old thing the hubs received as a gift ages ago. I gave both a fancy little face lift and transformed the look. 

The Old-Old- We should all be familiar with this category. These are all our vintage finds- the stuff we scour thrift stores and maybe even Ebay for.  I have several vintage finds scattered around the home. I heart the old blue mason jars and their zinc lids and old fans like this turquoise beaut on the table.
My apiary sign on my gallery wall is old-old- but it was a makeover too. It was an old wood sign that looked a mess and I painted it to look like a different old wood sign. My husband says it's the wild west in me... even though I'm from the east coast.

Thanks for touring my crib. Please stop by my blog, if you wanna see more of my style and fun new budget makeovers!

Isn't she just fabulous?? Not only is Becca super talented and inspiring but shes also just a really nice person, I hope you guys enjoy her and her blog as much as I do.

And if you are new here-

Here at A Place 2 Call Home I talk about cleaning, organizing and decorating feel free to look around and hopefully follow and find some inspiration!

Have a wonderful day!



  1. i love the globes and the gallery wall- becca has created such a warm and cozy home!

  2. Becca has the most unique style, I LOVE her house, it is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Her style is a perfect blend of things to create beauty!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Dee Dee

  4. I love her style! Definitely adding her to my bloggy list!


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