Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Wishes

Happy Wednesday!  It's Cassie again here from Primitive and Proper with my "Wednesday Wishes"!  I have just spent time this past week making some plans for my kids for the summer.... art camp for both, soccer camp for Sawyer, and gymnastics camp for Emmy.  That only covers a couple of weeks, so the kids and I have been making a list of ideas we have collected for the summer- things we want to do and make.  I thought I would share some of those ideas with you.

I have seen all sorts of fairy gardens and terrariums popping up out there.  Here are some that have caught my eye! (click on the image or the "via" to take you to the source)

Big interest in little gardens

I found an antique terrarium this past weekend at a yard sale, and also found some cute vintage frog figurines at another yard sale a few weeks ago, so we are well on our way to the makings of something cute and fun!

I don't know about you, but I love hummingbirds.  They are tiny, pretty, and flutter like no other!  When I saw this idea from Shabby Beach Nest that used a recycled soda bottle to create a hummingbird feeder, I immediately pinned it!  I saw a hummingbird in my yard just the other day, so I know they will come!  This is a fun craft I can do with my kids that will teach them to care about critters, as well as caring about our Earth.

I also found this awesome idea from Infarrantly Creative that is "for the birds".  Har dee har har.  It's a birdseed wreath that is simple enough to make with kids!

We have so many trees in our yard that making a tent with some sheets sounds like fun!  We can hang out in there and read stories, make up stories, take an afternoon snooze....

And just how cute and easy are these rock monsters?  Paint- check.  Googly eyes- check. Glue- Check.  Rocks- Check.  Silly Fun- CHECK!
Rock Monsters
We have lots of other items on our summer "to do" list, like go to the beach, catch fireflies, paint birdhouses, make ice cream, but these were some of the more out of the box ideas I wanted to share.  

My kids have less than a month left of school.  Summer will be here before you know it!  What will you be doing with your kids?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful summer! And I love that you have some planned activities, but also free time for fun and spontaneous adventures!

  2. I love these ideas Cassie. The tent with sheets is magical and the painted rocks is such a cute and thrifty idea! Great job this week!

  3. love them all! ive been drooling over some of those fairy gardens but i just know i cant keep those plants alive! may be stealing some of the other ideas : )

  4. Yay for Summer and Googly eyes!!!!

  5. if you have aaa roadside help subscription, there are some wonderful books available for some great inexpensive or free things to take advantage of. When our children were younger there were some fantastic places to go. tours of businesses, historical etc. They were also items we always took with us on any roadtrips for interesting places to ck out while traveling, places to eat and to stay. Also good for having with you for a flight destination for preplanning. Everything does not have to be theme park

  6. oh cassie--i love this list. the tent, the monster rocks, the terrariums. what fun. not so sure about the hummingbird feeder though--those critters are so fast they scare the bejeezus out of me.


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