Friday, January 27, 2012

Evolving style

I always described my style as shabby chic. And then I started being really attracted to rustic items, but that kinda fits, so OK, no harm done.

 And then I started to see all of this really cool industrial stuff...and I really loved it. I also love how adding in more industrial items makes a room feel more masculine. OK but industrial can be maybe that's OK too.

And then...I started being attracted to items that were more clean lined, things that just work in my home for storage.

But lately...I've been attracted to things I never thought I would be attracted to.

I distinctly remember seeing a see through chair not that long ago and thinking "who in their right mind would want that cheesy thing in their house"....gulp.

TOBIAS Chair, clear, chrome plated Width: 21 5/8 " Depth: 22 " Height: 32 1/4 " Seat width: 18 7/8 " Seat depth: 18 1/8 " Seat height: 17 3/8 "  Width: 55 cm Depth: 56 cm Height: 82 cm Seat width: 48 cm Seat depth: 46 cm Seat height: 44 cm
Ikea Tobias Chair

I saw this chair in ikea the other day and it took my breath away. I loved it.

And this, so sleek. I love the metal

UTBY Bar table, stainless steel Length: 47 1/4 " Width: 23 5/8 " Frame, height: 35 3/8 "  Length: 120 cm Width: 60 cm Frame, height: 90 cm   

I love lockers. I want ten of them. I want the tall ones too.

IKEA PS Cabinet, white Width: 46 7/8 " Depth: 15 3/4 " Height: 24 3/4 " Max. load: 132 lb Max screen size/flat screen TV: 36 1/4 "  Width: 119 cm Depth: 40 cm Height: 63 cm Max. load: 60 kg Max screen size/flat screen TV: 36 "

STRIND Coffee table, black, nickel plated Diameter: 29 1/2 " Height: 15 3/4 " Max. load: 33 lb  Diameter: 75 cm Height: 40 cm Max. load: 15 kg

I paint everything white. I like the non color of white. I cant help it. But lately I've seen what black can do for a space. And its good. I love this coffee table in black & white.

STRIND Coffee table, white, nickel plated Diameter: 29 1/2 " Height: 15 3/4 " Max. load: 33 lb  Diameter: 75 cm Height: 40 cm Max. load: 15 kg

I actually really like this. And it surprises me a little.

KIVIK Chaise, Dansbo dark gray Width: 35 3/8 " Depth: 64 1/8 " Height: 32 5/8 " Seat width: 35 3/8 " Seat depth: 48 7/8 " Seat height: 17 3/4 "  Width: 90 cm Depth: 163 cm Height: 83 cm Seat width: 90 cm Seat depth: 124 cm Seat height: 45 cm

I love the clean lines

BYGEL Utility cart, white, silver color Width: 15 3/8 " Depth: 23 1/4 " Height: 38 5/8 "  Width: 39 cm Depth: 59 cm Height: 98 cm
bygel utility cart

This looks like something that you'd find in a hospital. And I want it. Whats my chic?

FLYTTA Kitchen cart, stainless steel Length: 38 5/8 " Width: 22 1/2 " Height: 33 7/8 "  Length: 98 cm Width: 57 cm Height: 86 cm

This is fun, it is neither shabby or rustic. It is playful and fun and whimsical, and I like this too.

Zigzag Floor Pouf

So many straight lines. I crave this.

Every time I see something that doesn't quite fit into the Shabby chic rustic industrial style that I love it makes me...nervous. I guess the word is nervous. Because I don't want to look around my house and want to change everything to modern items. And further more...I really do still love shabby chic rustic industrial style, like LOVE.

I do need to allow myself to like these new items, to naturally let my style evolve.

OK so it might be a little harder to put my style into a neat little box.

I like shabby chic, rustic industrial, modern clean lines with a little fun & whimsy.

I think my style has evolved to be eclectic and I hadn't even noticed until just now.

It kind of gives me permission to just decorate with what makes me smile. And that doesn't make me nervous, that makes me excited.

Today I would love to hear from you if your style has evolved, how it has evolved, have you been surprised by yourself? How has it helped the overall flow and of your home? Usually I respond back through emails, but today I will respond back in the comments, and I would love everyone to feel like they can jump in too and discuss with each other so we can get to know each other better.

If you have a post about your evolving style, please feel free to link back to that particular post.


  1. I feel like I'm all over the place lately. I like "pretty" but I LOVE rustic, vintage, rusty old looking stuff too. The old stuff usually isn't very colorful. But I love pops of bright color. So I have a mixture. Racking my brain to figure out what my style should be. We need living room furniture, so I'm trying to decide color, style etc. Like you, I don't want to put myself in a box, I want my home to represent our family and what makes us happy but look good too :)
    Sherry's Bees Nest

    1. Hey Sherry, I think we feel the need to put ourselves in design boxes but the good news is...we really dont. I think I have been listening to my heart a lot more lately when decorating. Not paying attention to what others are doing, but just doing or buying or making the things that make me happy.

      I think with your living room furntiure the only advice that I would give is to go neutral with your bigger fabric pieces. New couches are an investment, and what you like this minute might change. I love having super nuetral colored couches so I can dress it up with fun pillows and colorful throws. And I think nuetral couches is a smart move no matter what style you have. As far as side tables & coffee tables you can always go vintage and paint them any color that you are thinking that moment, and you can always change it in a year when your style is evolving.

  2. my style evolved very similarly and now i love an eclectic mix and don't like to be tied to any one style. i love what i love and that's that! :)

    1. Hey Cassie. I love your style, I think we have that same appreciation for vintage furntiure but updating it and making our home eclectic. And I think thats such a good point to just like what you like, dont worry about the style and just incorporate the things you love. I think theres a real balancing act of making it work though.

  3. My style has definitely changed. I feel like it's constantly changing actually. Like you, I always thought my house had more of the shabby chic feel. But lately, I'm into the rustic/eclectic feel. I think one of the major reasons for this is because of the ever growing rise of online stores/etsy, Pinterest and blogs. Even just a couple of years ago, in order to get decorating inspiration, you had to buy magazines and books. Nowadays, it's just a click away. It's so much easier to keep up with the times and find affordable ways to do so...Ikea and Etsy are just two perfect examples of this. Thank God we have these resources now, I feel so lucky to be growing up in such a technological advanced time!

    1. I agree Ashley, I think the internet is like 98% a blessing. Being able to see so many different ideas, and styles, having the tools to see different diyers, and having a community to feel apart of are incredible. The only 2% downside for me is that it means I have become so much more interested in design and my home, and therefore want to spend more time and money doing things. Its a price I'm willing to pay though = ) And what I think is really interesting is how far ahead blogs are with design. Take Chevron for instance...that pattern has been huge in blogs for how long? Maybe 2 years? Its just now hitting target. Its pretty crazy.

  4. I've always "imagined" what my style was because I never actually had a space that I could decorate as my own, but with our closing date on our first house less than a month away I've really started looking and planning. I find that I like to use what I have for the most part and center a room around that. Each room I envision is different. The master bedroom I see as being kind of shabby chic and charming. Our office/my husband's man cave is definitely more clean lined and modern with lots of chrome, black and Star Wars ;) And the guest bedroom and living will be a mixture of both of those things with bold graphics and splashes of unique colors. The kitchen/dining area is back to rustic chic with white and classic furnishings and then top it off with super girly frilly laundry room. My taste is my own and as long as it flows I love to incorporate everything I like.

    1. The key is incorporating everything you like. I hope you have the most fun decorating your first home, it is the most fun ever! And then if you are like us, you can redecorate the whole thing a year from now, lol

  5. I have found that over the past twenty years, my style has evolved. I tend not to invest tons of money in expensive pieces of furniture, since my style "changes" so much! Years ago I leaned more towards the antique look and over the years I gone more towards a modern country vibe. In my front room is my Amish farmtable, with a antique white bookcase, two brand new retro looking chairs and an antique library table... some how it all seems to fit together nicely! Buy what you like, display what you like and your more apt to love where you live! I love all your IKEA finds and look forward to see how you add new pieces in your home!
    Dee Dee

    1. Thanks Dee Dee, well you'll be the boss around here since you have much more experience than we do. I think one thing that has made me really happy about decorating is many things I had as hand me downs, and then slowly over the last 2 years I've replaced those pieces with new things that I love, or thrifted pieces that I've fixed up. Decorating is for sure a process. I am excited that my style is becoming more eclectic, the good news is I still love all the things I loved before, so its just finding that happy balance with incorporating new pieces of different styles.

  6. Oh, yeah! I totally hear you. I could never be a totally modern, sleek decorator, but I love a little pop of it - a lamp or a side table or something. Last week, I decided in my future all white home, I'd have different eclectic mixes - Elegant Industrial Cottage, Primitive Modern Cottage, Vintage Garden Cottage, etc. Each room would have a sort of "theme" that would help me organize all my white stuff and keep it from looking like a big white mess. I've enjoyed seeing your style evolve in the short time I've been following!

  7. Yes, I discovered this about my style just lately. I love the box style coffee table!


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