Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Office Details

 Yesterday I wanted to show you my office in all its glory, but today I'll be going through the pictures one more time and telling you all the details.

I'm really excited about this dresser. It was white, but I painted it Nimbus Cloud by Martha Stewart, it was left over paint from our bedroom makeover. The lamp was in my attic with the chalkboard. I painted it grey on the frame and the blue from my desk. Origninally I was thinking of painting the dresser in that blue, but I wanted the desk to be special and I didnt want it to be too matchy matchy.

I thought this was a cute way to add in a little punch of green.
I got the basket, the moss rocks and the magnifying glass from my attic

I switched out the 2 skinny billy bookcases for this one, because I want the whole piece to stay together. So the 2 bookcases are now in the hallway.

I added this little basket which was in my attic, but everything I just took from the bookcases

I plan to do a little project with closepins, and for some reason I just like looking at them.

And here is this side of the room all together.

My blue desk. In behr distance. The walls are behr ultra pure white, and the bottom is an oops paint. The desk was $1 from habitat for humanity. The little silver tray on the desk was $8 from Ikea. And the white frame was also $5 from Ikea

The rug was $77 from Wayfair. 

The shelves are Ikea Lack glossy grey $17 each

All accessories I already owned, and found in my attic

I am particulary smitten with this area. The desk was $66 from Ikea, the frames were from Ikea for $5 each.

These metal boards I thought would just be perfect for organizing my ideas and inspiration. They were $12.50 each

This yard stick I found in my attic, its vintage and has marks on it, and I love it. I added it to the desk to make a little modern vintage baby. I put it on with scotch tape at first to see if I liked it, and then when I did just added mounting putty. I prefer not to hot glue it so I can change my mind, or change it up, but I love it.

And the light. I changed out our kitchen lights here, and I bought the wrong lights at Ikea, so you know me, I just made it work. And then I realized if I put one of those new old bulbs in it, it could look really cool by itself. Well I am just in love with it.

I had this old crate but I hadnt really found a home for it yet.

The little clock is so cute and vintage looking upclose it was from Ikea for like $6. And my 1,2,3 jars were $2 from Christmas Tree Shop

I love it. And the grand total for everything was $246


  1. I love all the furniture in your office but the telephone bench really caught my eye, so much so that I am searching Craig's List for one.

  2. Omg it looks amazing! It's so airy and light, such a calm and soothing place to do your crafts. Love it.

  3. i love the yardstick on the desk! that touch is awesome!

  4. You are right about that green board! :) it is truly cute! Apart from renting serviced offices, designing a convenient home office space like this contributes to a more productive career!

  5. Your home office interiors are terrific! And the furniture pieces you have there completed the look!

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