Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Great American Weekend

Great American Weekend is in Goshen NY and its super awesome, its only on 4th of July weekend, so its special.  Its got tons of things to buy, house things, vintage things, clothing...hot sauce? I kid you not, theres even hot sauce.  If you are around these parts its definately worth the trip.  We forgot the stroller, so we were carrying the baby, but I tried to get some pictures as we were leaving.

Theres probably at least 100 tents worth of merchandise

I love the big church in the background, its a very historical old town

This is where the food is, and you bet we got some burgers and fries

And now some houses in Goshen

This house is the prettiest blueish green color

This belongs on a beach someplace.

The red door in real life is much more vibrant and shiny

And this is just amazing...I just think about what it would be like to live in this house

There were tons of cute things to buy, but this is what I got

I've wanted an old siverware wind chime for some time, so I finally bit the bullet

And this old milk crate. I love these, its a perfect way to store stuff, still have my style and be super fuctional

I love the bright red and blue color, perfect for almost any room in my home

It says "its Cott to be good"

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you a beautiful botanical garden that we visited this weekened

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