Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Foyer Re-do & Hydrangea Potted Plant

Today I want to talk a little about our foyer, and also planting a house plant. Here's our foyer last spring time

I'm a huge fan of that picnic basket under the table. I love the texture.

And at Christmas time we moved the table out, and added the tree and chair for presents.

And this is how it is now.

The chair I already had, but I liked adding a little color. I also added in the rug a couple months ago. As I look at this picture I feel like the lamp is the right height for the table but too tall for the chair. So I might just switch it out for another lamp.  I also love this round mirror, I'll have to get a close up for you guys.

Curious about my hydrangea? Ps. Totally my favorite flowers. I love them in any and all colors.

I purchased 2 of these from Home Depot. They are $12 each, but because they were in the wrong place, I was able to get them for $6. The point of this house plant is to enjoy, and then come the warmer weather to plant in our yard.

I took off the awful wrapping, and gently removed the plant from the pot. Just like you'd do with planting.

 Here you can see the difference. The left is so much more classy I think.

They are actually potted in the same pot, I just had spray painted one before.

I just think its gorgeous. There is nothing better than real flowers in the house. I put the terracotta colored pot in here to give some color. Its a very off white space.

And a little close up

And again what the foyer looks like now.

Do you have house plants this year? I cant tell you how much I'm enjoying them.

Have a great day!


  1. I love hydrangeas! You picked the perfect spot too. Usually I'm not a fan of terracota color, but it really fits well in that space.

    I bought some tulips this past weekend and have then in a pot in the kitchen window. They make me happy several times a day!

  2. Beautiful entry! I love how you are able to change it up season to season! Your hydrangeas have me wanting to take a trip to Home Depot!
    dee dee

  3. it looks beautiful! i love your chair! i have those little anthro numbered jars, too... but they are hiding til i figure out what i want to o with them this year! :)

  4. How inviting your foyer is! This chair is a better fit for that corner. Love the hydrangeas, mirror, table. I love it all. Another fantastic look.

  5. I have some peace lily's, though they haven't flowered for a while, I think they are unhappy with me. I meant to get some cyclamens but never did - your foyer looks lovely and I think the plain teracotta is just great !
    Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well on your week off, though it sounds like you achieved alot !

  6. I'm really enjoying the flowers in my house this year also! I just can't wait for summer to get here so all my hygranea plants will grow :)
    Your foyer looks amazing! Def one of my fav rooms in your house. Love the chair and I especially love all the details in the other rooms that you can see from your foyer. The alphabet print and hanging lamp fixtures in your kitchen look great! Very, very cute.


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