Friday, December 30, 2011

Silencing your DIY noise

I'm the kind of person when I'm ready to do something, I do it. Without haste.

I'm not a procrastinator, I'm also not someone who does great with a looming deadline.

But sometimes when I decide to do something, it really has to be like...right...this...very...minute.

I'm in the process of working on our master bedroom.

I picked out about a million paint samples.

I even decided on one, went to the store and bought all the supplies. Like last Sunday.

But this week I've been quieting my DIY voice in my head.

As I cleaned the house, and took care of my daughter, sent out the Christmas cards, and cooked, and wrapped the last presents, and shopped, and did errands, I quieted that little voice.

The voice that says now. now. not later, but now.

Do you have this voice too?

I could paint in a month, but that voice makes it seem like there is no other time that will do, but now.

So I've reasoned with my DIY voice all week. Not now, not before Christmas, there's so much to do, and we should be resting and relaxing, not painting and sweating.

I asked my husband if I could have some time on Monday to paint, he would take care of our daughter, I would paint like a madwoman and we could take advantage of this holiday weekend. He agreed.

However when Monday came he had a sore throat and he begged that we just relaxed and enjoyed the holiday weekend, as a family. He also agreed that if I waited until next weekend, he would even help me with the painting, and many hands make light work.

So in a move that's very NOT me...I said "OK. Ok I'll wait another week. Whats another week?"

I'm realizing that projects will get done, but finding the balance among the beauty is really what I'm looking for.

Have you found a little more balance in your life recently? What did you do to get it?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Form and Function in my Bookcases

Thanks for your suggestions last week about my bookcases

Finding beauty and function all with a 1 year old can be tricky.

This post is what I did, and I took some of your advise too! This is how it looked the other day, and obviously the white baskets are placed on the shelves when my daughter is not playing with them.

And this is how it looks now

 Like I said in this post, we actually use these bookcases. I like it to be a mix of real stuff, plus a little pretty too.

 I like adding different heights, colors and materials to get a nice look, while still keeping some neutrals so it doesnt overpower the whole bookcase.

The pretty teacups we use when we entertain, I also enjoy the little pop of color. In the mason jars I have cocktail stirrers and those little corn on the cob holders. I appreciate these items not cluttering up my drawers.

I added the wine glasses to each side of the bookcase. Glass is great because visually it lets your eyes rest, I dont want the bookcase to look crazy and cluttered.

 I used the same technique as the glass with my white bowls. We use these for baking and while entertaining. By putting them all straight in a line it makes them blend in more and make all the stuff look less cluttered.

When I put our daughters books on the bookcase without the baskets she thought it was a game to pull them all off. So I put them in the baskets and now she takes out books shes interested in. I also have them in color order, I dont plan to kill myself keeping them in order, but I think it makes them look nicer. I also added some vintage books for a nuetral pretty loook. 

And in the bottom shelf its just a couple of soft toys. In the middle basket I have wipes, bibs and a little hippo that she likes.

I really like symmetry in design. There is symmetry with the tea cups, with the wine glasses, with the white bowls, with the vintage books, with the baskets. It doesnt mean it all has to be identical, but it keeps it looking organized. And I also believe that I can have more stuff because of the symmetry.

 I like how from certain angles no one can even see the toys

The view from the living room

So...what do you think?

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home Tour- Before & Afters

I'm so excited to be sharing with you some of my homes before & afters. They arent really in any particular order, just the things I'm most proud of. We've lived in this home since January 2010, so these projects have happened over the last 2 years, but since I just started blogging, I'm using these pictures for my 2011 roundup. Hope you enjoy.

1. Kitchen

2. Dining Room

3. Mudroom

4. Foyer

5. Upstairs Bathroom

6. Living Room

7. Guest Room

8. Nursery

 9. Downstairs Bath

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